After washing hands, carefully wipe the baby’s eyelids from the middle to the outside using cotton soaked in saline. Use a new piece of cotton for each eye.


Use dry cotton to clean your baby’s pinna and back ears. Don’t use cotton swabs!


A few tips for baby nail care:

You can use a nail file to trim your baby’s nails before the baby is 1 year old to avoid scratching it himself.

After the baby is 1 year old, use baby scissors with a round head.

Cut 2 times a week.

Baby’s toenails are softer than fingernails and grow more slowly, it is enough to cut 1 or 2 times a month.


The nasal cavity is a nest of microorganisms and needs to be cleaned daily.

Cleaning tip:

Carefully lie your baby on his side and raise his head slightly.

Hold the back of your baby’s neck to prevent him from moving.

Use baby products to clean your baby’s nasal passages with saline.

Pathogens can catch babies colds. Sneezing can help your baby blow out the remaining mucus in his nose. If your baby’s nasal passages are blocked or you want to avoid drying out the nasal mucosa, use baby products to clean the nasal passages with saline several times a day.


Enjoy healthy intimacy!

Massage makes the baby’s cleansing more complete, protects the baby’s skin from dryness, and is also the most warm moment to communicate with the baby. The massage will make your baby feel safe with his mother, and he will love this relaxing treatment.

Proper touch massage has many benefits for both the personal emotions and the baby’s body. Massage plays a very important role in enhancing the relationship between parents and babies, helping to enhance mutual cognitive and tactile communication. Massage also wakes the baby up, quiets and relieves the baby’s discomfort (respiratory, digestive, etc.). Massage before napping and going to bed at night can also help your baby falls asleep. Before massaging your baby: Make sure your baby’s skin is dry.

Choose a warm and quiet room (above 25 degrees).

Wash your hands and take off your jewellery.

Spray 2 to 3 drops of Biolane sweet almond oil in the palm of your hand to bring it close to body temperature: the oil is not only for baby’s massage, but also to help prevent dehydration and dryness of the baby’s skin. Gently massage the face and dry areas of the body: nose, cheeks, shoulders.

Massage is good for your baby’s balance and health, and the time is controlled to about ten minutes. Some babies may not adapt immediately, so don’t worry. He may sense your nervousness or something else. You can take your baby in your arms or hum a song to relax and calm your baby.


Umbilical cord

Umbilical cord care often scares moms. Although it does not cause pain to the baby, it is worth noting: care is done in a simple way frequently, and the risk of infection is avoided so that the umbilical cord dries in its natural environment and falls off on its own about 15 days after birth. Care should be given at least three times a day and whether additional care is needed at each diaper change.

Cleaning tip:

Make sure your hands are clean first.

Let your baby lying flat on a flat tabletop.

Clean with cotton soaked in a bactericidal solution.

Allow the umbilical cord to air dry.

Move the umbilical cord for complete cleaning: the baby does not feel pain, the part of the umbilical cord that connects to the body does not have any nerves.

Wrap the umbilical cord with dry cotton, then change your baby’s diaper and fold the top half of the diaper down into the diaper so that your baby’s umbilical cord can breathe.

After the umbilical cord is detached, you can use cotton soaked in saline to clean your baby’s belly button. Cleanse once a day for eight days to help the navel part heal.

The best time to clean the baby’s umbilical cord is after the baby’s bath. At that time, the umbilical cord is softened and secretions are easily removed, but it is difficult to remove when the umbilical cord is dry.

Remember to wash your hands before and after each cleaning!