Cleansing is the first step in baby’s skin care. Cleansing is the care of the baby’s face and body and establishing a physical and emotional connection with the baby.

Babies’ skin is immature and fragile. From birth, special daily hygiene care is required for the skin. Good cleaning is an indispensable step in protecting the baby’s natural skin balance and avoiding infection.

A few tips for baby cleaning:

Make it a habit to wash your hands before cleaning your baby.

Wash with products specially designed for baby’s fragile skin to avoid irritation. Biolane products are extremely gentle and are especially suitable for baby’s skin and scalp. The baby’s face is particularly sensitive to impurities and therefore requires special care: choose a gentle, rinse-free cleanser and cleanse the face as soon as necessary every day. The baby’s skin is not yet fully developed, and it is difficult to resist external stimuli. For example, water hardness is too high to irritate sensitive skin. Gentle No-Rinse Cleanser is product that does not require rinsing and therefore can avoid dryness caused by washing.