Go out

The baby is keen to explore new environments, and first he wants to find as many markers as possible. To keep traveling out from becoming a nightmare, follow these tips:

Preparation before travel:

  • Baby bag: Take a leisurely walk on the path with your baby.
  • Baby monitor: allows you to enjoy a meal or rest quietly while your baby sleeps.
  • Strollers: can be used as a baby reclining for a nap or as a food cart with an awning.
  • Rollaway bed: Make it more comfortable and safer for babies to sleep.
  • Mosquito nets: Essential if you go to areas with a lot of mosquitoes.

Travel by car:

Choose to travel early in the morning, and the baby in his sleep does not know that he has embarked on a journey. If you can’t travel at dawn, keep an eye on your baby’s warmth every 2 hours. If the sun is too strong, leave your baby in the shade. If your baby doesn’t like the noise of cars, listen to lullabies or rhymes and bring his favourite toys to keep him quiet and relax. Babies also need to feel at home when traveling. Put the supplies your baby needs in a small bag; it is too inconvenient to open a large box!