Irritated Skin Areas

Baby’s skin is very delicate, making it sensitive to all external aggressions. It needs daily care through hydration and general good habits. Superficial dryness and irritations can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for baby.

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Tips & Advice

Does your baby have "normal" skin and no major redness or cracking?

You can use traditional care! A moisturizing and nourishing cream or moisturizing milk will be perfect!

Does your baby have irritation in the mouth or other localized areas?

On these dry areas, apply Cicabébé® , formulated to:

Localized dryness: This treatment hydrates, intensely nourishes and isolates dry areas to maintain the natural hydration of the skin.

Perioral irritations:
The addition of bisabolol and phytosterol, active ingredients recognized for their soothing properties, effectively relieves and repairs irritation around the mouth.