Sensitive or Weakened Skin

The efficacy of Expert organic range enriched with a natural prebiotic Inubiom® combined with the high standard of Organic certification in terms of naturalness with 99% natural origin ingredients to help preserves balance baby skin microbiota.

Tips & Advice

All babies have fragile skin

The baby’s skin is inherently fragile and immature. It is therefore particularly sensitive to everyday aggressions that can lead to dryness and skin disorders. It is therefore necessary to protect it every day, while helping it to develop and strengthen.

Why is the baby's skin fragile?

Thinner and more fragile skin than adults

Skin more sensitive to external aggressions

A developing and immature microbiota

Recent discoveries have shown the importance of the baby’s biological skin barrier (microbiota). Indeed, the skin has a skin flora, composed of a set of microorganisms, which helps it protect itself from external aggressions.

In case of imbalance of the microbiota, skin problems can set in. It is therefore essential to offer dedicated products enriched with specific active ingredients, to protect it and help it develop. Our research and development laboratories have been interested in this physiological mechanism to develop innovative formulas for hygiene and baby care.

Benefiting from 10 years of research on skin microbiota, the Biolane Expert range is enriched with Inubiom®.

This active ingredient, of plant origin, promotes the development of the skin microbiota, to allow the baby’s skin to remain healthy and better defend itself against external aggressions.

What exactly is Inubiom®?

Inubiom® is an active ingredient of plant origin derived from inulin, a specific sugar with prebiotic action, recognized for its effects on the microbiota and innate skin immunity. Inubiom helps preserve the existing skin microbiota and promotes its evolution towards an optimal diversified microbiota®. This exclusive active ingredient, combined with emollient and protective ingredients, allows the baby’s skin to remain balanced.